Tuk-Tuks in Vientiane are operated by the Tuk-Tuk Association of Vientiane Capital. There are many Tuk Tuk stations in Vientiane but the nearest station in town is located at the Nam Phou Fountain on Samsenthai Road. The Tuk-Tuks operate between 6:00 am until 6:00 pm and are the most common mode of transport for short distance trips.

Standard prices have been set by the Tuk-Tuk Association for each destination, though they are open to bargaining.

From the Nam Phou Fountain to:

Wattay Airport55,000 Kip ($7 USD)
That Luang Stupa40,000 Kip ($5 USD)
Lao-ITECC40,000 Kip ($5 USD)
Wat SokpaLuang40,000 Kip ($5 USD)
Thai Embassy40,000 Kip ($5 USD)
Vietnam Embassy40,000 Kip ($5 USD)
Cambodian Embassy40,000 Kip ($5 USD)
Chinese Embassy40,000 Kip ($5 USD)
Northern Bus Station60,000 Kip ($7.50 USD)
Southern Bus Station60,000 Kip ($7.50 USD)
Friendship Bridge95,000 Kip ($12 USD)
Beer Lao Factory (round trip)150,000 Kip ($19 USD)
Buddha Park (round trip)195,000 Kip ($24 USD)
One Hour Sight Seeing in City80,000 Kip ($10 USD)

*prices are good for ONE to THREE persons.

Prices as of July 2012