The Southern Bus Station in Vientiane, Laos is located on 13th Southern Road, about 20-30 minutes from the town. Despite the name, the Station is not physically located south of Vientiane. Instead, all buses traveling to the south and neighboring countries such Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia depart from this terminal. One can take the local bus No. 29 for 2,000 kip from Vientiane Central Bus Station or take a Song Thaew at the station behind the University of Health Sciences next to the Central Bus Station on Khouvieng Road for 5,000-10,000 kip to reach the Station. A Tuk-Tuk to the terminal from town costs around 60,000 kip and by Taxi 90,000 kip. Generally, when a VIP or tourist bus is purchased, the price of the ticket includes free transfer to the Station.

International Routes: Laos – Vietnam

VientianeHanoi19:00/19:30/20:00220,000 kipEveryday
VientianeHa Ting – Vinh19:00160,000 kipEveryday
VientianeHue19:30200,000 kipEveryday
VientianeDanang18:30/19:00/20:00220,000 kipEveryday
VientianeHo Chi Minh Sai Ngon19:30500,000 kipEveryday
VientianeQuang Binh19:30160,000 kipEveryday
VientianeQuang Nam19:30250,000 kipEveryday
VientianeHa Long09:00320,000 kipM/W/F
VientianeHai Phong09:00280,000 kipM/W/F
VientianeThai Binh09:00200,000 kipM/W/F
VientianeNam Dinh09:00220,000 kipM/W/F
VientianeNinh Binh09:00200,000 kipM/W/F

*note: Prices may fluctuate due to governmental price changes.